Our Team

Foto: Maayan Ben Gal

Patri Roa Johansen

T-Huis Cafe Coordinator

Patri Roa Johansen is a Colombian trans man who grew up in Denmark, he is Trans United Europe’s newest member, hosting our weekly T-Huis Cafe. Patri is a professional recorder player with a great interest in Latin American culture and music. Currently based in Amsterdam, Patri gives interactive performances for young children, and he plays in contemporary art projects at venues around Europe.
In the last years, he has been working on reconnecting with his roots, by getting into contact and helping trans people of color with a migrant and refugee background. He is also part of Papaya Kuir, a collective of trans latinx asylum seekers and artists in The Netherlands. Patri has been participating in Amsterdam’s queer scene and performing and giving workshops as a Drag King on behalf of the House of LøstBois.

Contact: patri@transunitedeurope.eu