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Photo Alejandra Ortiz

Alejandra Ortiz

Project and media coordinator

Alejandra Ortiz is a trans woman originally from Mexico currently living in Amsterdam.

As a transwoman, coming from poverty, violence, sex work, drug abuse, stigma, and illegal displacement to the USA. She fled Mexico after a life of violence and transphobia to the Netherlands. Alejandra invests all survival skills and talents to improve hers, and the trans communities’ lives by collaborating with several projects for Trans United Europe (media, communications, T-Huis Cafe, Trans Clinic and one on one guidance). As well as other organizations and projects such as TNN (campaign against violence), PROUD (report The situation of Migrant Sex Workers in The Netherlands), ICRSE (2020 communications officer), Papaya Kuir (an upcoming collective of translatinx asylum seekers in The Netherlands), Sombrillas Latinas (the first collective of latinx migrant sex workers in Europe), Trans magazine (read her article about being a trans refugee in The Netherlands), among others.

Contact: alejandra@transunitedeurope.eu