Our Team

Sabrina Sanchez

Board member and Iberic peninsula contact.

Sabrina Sánchez has a BA in Communication from Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México, being the first trans person to graduate from said faculty, migrated to Europe, currently living in Barcelona, currently she’s an active sex worker across various European cities. She is co-founder of the Trade Union Organization of Sex Workers (OTRAS), also holds the position of co-Convenor of the Board of the International Committee for the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe (ICRSE) and is part of the delegation of the International Womens ‘Health Coalition in the process of the United Nations Beijing + 25 platform.
Sabrina has become a referent in the transfeminist movement in Spain and has collaborated in several books such as “Tierra de Nadie” (Nobody’s Land) about the relationship between the Catalan independence process and feminism, “Prostitución contextos fronterizos y corporalidad” and “(h)amor 6_Trans”.

Contact: sabrina@transunitedeurope.eu