Trans United Europe

Trans BPOC European Network

Who we are

Trans United Europe/ Trans European BPOC network has been founded to unite the networks of European operating Trans BPOC NGOs and individual BPOC trans activists living and working in Europe.  We started in 2013 in the Netherlands with Trans United Nederland from which we formatted in Brussels the umbrella BPOC network Trans United Europe. Trans United Nederland is the Dutch department operating from the Red Light District in the heart of Amsterdam. We amplify European and global BPOC media content via social media, inform BPOC trans communities on trans sex work, gender-specific healthcare including HIV prevention programs for transmen and non-binary people. We are a BPOC sex worker and BPOC trans people living with HIV led organization.

Trans United Nederland

As an organization, we strive for the empowerment of the BPOC trans community at a local, national, and international level. Below you can check our local projects in our Dutch sister branch.

Trans-led clinic

The Trans United Clinic started by Trans United Nederland and Elagabalus by Dr. Adrie Van Diemen, supported by COC Nederland and with help of Gemeente Amsterdam.
In 2021 starting from Januari we shall collaborate with the doctors of the GGD Amsterdam. We add to our list of services 1) Blood testing 2) STD and HIV Blood testing 3) Pep and Prep therapy acces 4)Direct links with hospitals and the gender clinic in Amsterdam . Depathologization of gender specific care and sexual healthcare of trans people are the main motivations why our Director Dinah de Riquet-Bons founded the clinic over 3 years ago. Pep and Prep access to trans women/men/non binary people is not everywhere included in the strategy to end HIV and Aids, therefore trans people are still in a risky zone in the HIV and Aids prevention responses worldwide. Our clinic is together with Acceptes T in Paris and the London Q clinic a leader in trans HIV inclusive and holistic gender specific care. We are very proud and happy to announce that from 2021 our clinic is not only the place to be for hormons it’s as well appointed to provide STD and HIV care for the trans community. We center our BPOC trans people as well refugees firstly in our work. Access to doctors and HIV prevention care free of charge to them is vital to us. We nevertheless offer our help as well to all others.
We are not sick we simply need medical and sometimes other help such as psychological, psychiatric, social work care or help.

Our methods of working :

We follow ICD 11 protocols/guideliness by World Health Organisation on Gender incongruence.

We work holistic and provide prescriptions for hormone therapy. We provide STD and HIV tests and care and cooperate with hospitals to ensure direct possibilties for redirections for start up therapies.
We redirect to P&G292 with whom we work very closely, GGD Amsterdam and all mayor hospitals and HIV clinicians where you can have check-ups, we redirect towards housing and homelessness aid through our partner Hvo-Querido and P&G292, lawyers can be appointed as well by us.

Consultations are with Dr. Camiel Welling. It is possible to get a self-paid prescription that you can use at your regular pharmacies. Sherry Jae Ebere and Sunny Jansen are doctor’s assistant and first point of contact, Alejandra Ortiz is your host and migrant sexworkers coordinator. Dinah Bons is the director of the clinic. Here you will shape your treatment together with us, we will make a treatment plan that the doctor follows during your visits.

In case of issues of payment, we can try to organize things with Trans United Europe. All medical contacts are done by GGD Doctors, as well contact with your GP can start from here. All kind of questions in a private one on one doctor’s appointment can be answered during your appointments.
• Gender affirming and non-discriminatory care
• Hormone therapy and effects
• Blood tests hormone levels
• Mental health care, including care for trauma
• Special care for trans people with disabilities
• Personal care, such as nutrition, safety issues, housing, etc
• STD and HIV testing
• Pep and Prep therapy
• HIV support and counseling
• HIV medication talks and side effects
• Community care and wellbeing
• Problems with chems/drugs

• Trainings such as body awareness,voice training,selfdefense
• Specific sex worker support
We hope to see you all again at our location at the Nieuwezijdsvoorburgwal 292 (That is behind the Dam square) from the 3th Sunday in 2021 onwards.

NOTE: Due to Covid 19 regulations all visits need to be made on appointment through mail!

We look forward to receive your email to make a reservation:

COC Amsterdam and Trans United – training in assertiveness and self-defense

20 August 2021

Heb jij je wel eens geïntimideerd en daardoor onveilig gevoeld op straat en had dit te maken met je gender- en/of seksuele identiteit? Wil jij je in dit soort situaties weerbaarder op kunnen stellen?

Doe dan mee met onze training!

We zullen voor verschillende groepen trainingen geven dit jaar.

1e groep: personen uit de transcommunity, transvrouwen en transmannen en non-binaire personen zijn welkom. (begin datum 11 september)

2e groep: LHBTQI-ers uit de “nieuwkomer” groep (vluchtelingen en asielzoekers) (begin datum 9 oktober )

3e groep: lesbische, biseksuele en vrouwen in kwetsbare posities. Alle vrouwen welkom. (mid Oktober)

Heb je interesse en wil je meer informatie? Mail dan naar:

20 August 2021

Have you ever felt intimidated and therefore unsafe on the street and did this have to do with your gender and/or sexual identity? Would you like to be more resilient in these kinds of situations?

Then join our training!

We will give training to different groups this year.

1st group: people from the trans community, trans women and trans men and non-binary people are welcome. (starting date 11 September)

2nd group: LGBTQI-people from the “newcomer” group (refugees and asylum seekers) (starting date 9 October )

3rd group: lesbian, bisexual and women in vulnerable positions. All women welcome. (starting date mid-October)

Are you interested and do you want more information? Then mail to:


We operate from our safe space at T-Huis at Oudezijdsvoorburgwal 97A, in the heart of Amsterdam. A trans-only space for our community. Please check our projects for more information.

Our projects at T-Huis and more

Trans Cafe in the community

Every Friday from 12:00 till 19:00 hours, come and meet people from the community with our team members Alejandra and Patri.

Dont miss it!

SOA testing & PREP information

Every Tuesday from 18:00 till 21:00 hours, STD testing, PREP and PEP info by GGD Amsterdam

Legal advice for Trans people

A lawyer is available for advice and juridical assistance.

LGBT Police

We can make an appointment with the police in the safe space. Sometimes it’s easier and more relaxed to speak about delicate issues with the police in a trans-owned space. We can as well assist you in the conversation. If you need assistance and wish to have it done via the T Huis drop us a line at and we can help you from there.

Veilige Haven

Veilige Haven is a special LGBT Unit of Social care taker Centram Amsterdam. You can discuss any issue around housing, juridical issues, health care, labor, or anything you like to discuss with Social worker and Trans BPOC Women Beyong Veldkamp.


TNN Spreekuur

Come and talk with a specialist from TNN, on issues that affect your well-being.