Trans United Europe

European Network

of BPOC Trans Activists

Who we are?

Trans United Europe/ Trans European BPOC network has been founded to unite the networks of European operating Trans BPOC NGOs and individual BPOC trans activists living and working in Europe. We started in 2013 in the Netherlands with Trans United Nederland from which we formatted the umbrella BPOC network Trans United Europe in Brussels. Trans United Nederland is the Dutch department operating from the heart of Amsterdam. We amplify European and global BPOC media content via social media, inform BPOC trans communities on sex work, gender-specific healthcare including HIV prevention programs for trans women, trans men and non-binary people. We are a trans-BPOC led organization, with people living with HIV and/or those with experience as sex worker at the front.

Trans United Nederland

As an organization, we strive for the empowerment of the BPOC trans community at a local, national, and international level. Below you can check the projects by our Dutch office.

The Trans United Clinic

Click here for more information about the Trans United Clinic.