About Us

Our story

Trans BPOC people in Europe are often 1st, 2nd and 3th generation BPOC migrants from either colonies, diaspora, or refugee backgrounds. We unite by the fact of being BPOC trans people living in a white society. Our community struggles with intersectional injustice and centers around themes such as racism, discrimination, exclusion and informal mainly sexwork as labor. Our social and economic status makes us often vulnerable for poverty, malnutrition, homelessness, victims of violence and trans murders.

Our vision

Our 3 domains/fields of work are 1) Sexwork and decriminalization of sexwork 2) Trans specific healthcare with policy advise and lobby around implementation of WHO ICD 11 on gender incongruency. 3) HIV activism centered around trans bpoc perspectives and narratives, HIV activism on inclusivity of gender non conforming and non binary and trans men.  Our vision is to integrate those 3 main areas of expertise in our activism, policy work and community and capacity work. We strive to emancipate and empower bpoc trans people and work towards awareness and inclusion of bpoc issues in the European policy and political field.

What we do

Policy advise on BPOC trans issues. Activism for legal changes for BPOC trans people, inclusion in the anti racism debates, organiser of TDOR in the Netherlands, Trans sexwork activism and outreach. Safe spaces and cooperation with social work, lawyers, police, mental health care. We organize in the Netherlands our own trans led health clinic by and for trans sexworkers, with special focus on non binary and trans men. We rally and try to bring visibility and awareness on the reality of trans BPOC people in Europe.

Intersectional new trans flag