Trans United Clinic

Teamfoto Transkliniek; Sherry-Jae Ebere; Sunny Jansen; Dinah Bons; Heleen van Driessen; Camiel Welling

More information about the Trans United Clinic can be found through the links below. Our clinic is collaboration between our ‘Trans United Europe’-team and the Center for Sexual Health of the Amsterdam Public Health Services (GGD Amsterdam).

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Teamfoto Transkliniek Roze Lieverdje; Sherry-Jae Ebere; Sunny Jansen; Dinah Bons; Camiel Welling; Fatih Bici; Jet Groen; Marianne Craanen
Photo of a part of Trans United Clinic team, during the “Roze Lieverdje Award 2022

More information about:

  • Informed Consent (to be written)
  • Hormone Effects (to be written)
  • Collaboration with gender teams (to be written)
  • Trans Research (to be written)
  • Clinic’s History (to be written)