Trans United Clinic

Teamfoto Transkliniek; Sherry-Jae Ebere; Sunny Jansen; Dinah Bons; Heleen van Driessen; Camiel Welling

The Trans United Clinic is a collaboration between our Trans United Europe-team and the Center for Sexual Health of the Amsterdam Public Health Services (GGD Amsterdam).

You can follow the Trans United Clinic on Instagram. On 14 February 2022, the volunteers of our clinic won the LGBTQI+ award “Het Roze Lieverdje“.

Teamfoto Transkliniek Roze Lieverdje; Sherry-Jae Ebere; Sunny Jansen; Dinah Bons; Camiel Welling; Fatih Bici; Jet Groen; Marianne Craanen
Photo of a part of Trans United Clinic team, during the “Roze Lieverdje Award 2022

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