Psychosocial Support

at the Trans United Clinic

Cause everyone deserves support in difficult times, especially our community.

Life comes with many challenges. For trans people, these challenges can be ever more difficult, due to depression, social isolation, anxiety, transphobia, or other things that cause exclusion. The social work team of the Trans United Clinic can help you find support for a variety of problems.

Feel free to reach out regarding the following topics:

  • Loneliness and isolation
  • Desire for social activities
  • Looking for safe hang-out space
  • Wanting to organize a trans-focused activity
  • Advice around trans-friendly mental health support
  • Housing issues or homelessness
  • Assault, aggression or discrimination
  • Contact with Pink-in-Blue (LGBTQI+ police unit)
  • Judicial support (for problems with paperwork, asylum status or trans discrimination)

Our contact details:

Several members of the social support team: Sherry-Jae, Heleen and BeyonG