Trans United Clinic

Sexual Health Support

Sexual Health

Everyone from the trans community is welcome for:

  • FREE testing for hiv and sexually transmitted infections
  • FREE Hepatitis B vaccinations
  • FREE counselling about PrEP (if you are eligible to start PrEP, there is a personal cost involved for PrEP of 7,50 euro per 30 tablets).
  • FREE SENSE consultation (appointment where you can ask all questions about sexual health, gender identity, sexuality, and sexual boundaries)

Sexual Health Appointments

  • You can plan your regular sexual health appointment at the Center for Sexual Health through the following link: PLAN APPOINTMENT.
  • If you don’t feel safe or comfortable in the waiting room of the regular clinic, it is also possible to plan a sexual health appointment in the Transgender Safe Space (T-house). To schedule an sexual health appointment in the T-house, please email: and specify that it is for a sexual health appointment.

Good to know

  • For regular STI/HIV screening (if you don’t have any symptoms), the nurse will only draw blood. All other tests can be done through self-testing, so no need to undress for a nurse or doctor.
  • The team of the Center for Sexual Health has received training from the team of the Trans United Clinic. The doctors and nurses pay special attention to respect name, identity, pronouns, and personal boundaries.
  • If you have more specific questions, know that our team can also help with the following problems or refer you to the relevant colleague:
    • Sex Work Expertise Center (P&G292)
    • Sexual Assault Center (CSG: 0800-0188)
    • Addiction to Chemsex (Chemicals & Sex)