Trans United Clinic

Hormone Support

We realize that many people need access to hormone support. Unfortunately, our team is too small to solve this nationwide problem, despite our desire to help as many people as possible and no matter how painful we find it that we have to limit our services.

The Trans United Clinic is specifically intended for people from the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (see area image) who don’t have access to regular care because of extra barriers.

For who is our hormone support?

People from Amsterdam, who are part of the following groups:

  • People with refugee status, in asylum procedure, or undocumented.
  • Persons who are homeless, or who are staying in a crisis shelter.
  • People who are migrant or children of migrants.
  • Individuals who are active as sex worker

If you belong to one or more of these groups, we can invite you for an intake appointment. Send an email with your details and which group(s) you are part of to:

Waiting List

Unfortunately, we are also dealing with a lot of applications. We aim to plan an introductory appointment within the first 3 months of application. During an introductory appointment, our team can inform you about all the services that are available for the trans community at Trans United Europe and the Center for Sexual Health. After your introductory appointment, there is a waiting time for your first medical intake.

Our current waiting time for a medical appointment about hormone support can however range from 6 to 12 months.