Our Team

Jihan Imago

Public Relation and Belgium Coordinator of Trans United Europe

Is a Trans BPOC activist and contemporary artist. He works at both levels, supporting trans BPOC in various vulnerable situations (homelessness, undocumented, precarity, isolated, mental health, addiction troubles…) and in parallele communicate and train Belgian and European NGOs and institutions. He started activism at the age of 19 as a radical feminist in the early 2000 in Paris, then was involved in the international queer anarchist movement for years. He worked on social role model deconstruction and slowly specified on trans activism. For the past decade he used to work with trans, bpoc and migrant women associations, European and, African LGBTQIA+ organizations, mental health center, asylum seekers, immigration services, art and cultural plateforms, etc… In 2018 he co-founded a Queer and Trans BPOC association in Brussels called Rainbow Nation, then in 2019 he joined the board of Trans United Nederlands and became Belgium coordinator of Trans United Europe. His main focuses are to help people in danger, who face injustice, create resources and build bridges with the institutional world.

Contact: jihan@transunitedeurope.eu